Thursday, March 29, 2012

I need a NAN

Two conferences, two lessons all with the same me anyway. Of all the many lessons and instructions I could have taken with me, I came back with one of the same: I need a NAN.

I didn't realize the void that Jesus needed to fill this time was needed in a momma's touch. Intimacy looks different this time. I have prayed for a Papa God hug, picturing me crawling up in the lap of a great big God and getting a bear hug.This time, I felt the desire for gentleness.

Nan allowed Jamie to kiss her on the cheek and hug her when she wanted. Nan held her hand. It wasn't just to guide her where she need to go for Jamie was blind. Nan gave her affirmation of trust, respect and the bonding of a momma. Jamie saw Nan's heart. They are both blessed to have such a caring woman in thier lives.

 Jamie glows in her words about Nan. She expressed so much respect as she wrote , “Our relationship is priceless. I couldn't ask for a better friend...a better mentor...prayer partner...cheerleader and "Mom”. I know that no matter what, I can pick up the phone and call her. If I need to talk and she's home, she'll drop what's she doing to sit down and listen to me.”

Brenda and Brantly shared more than friendship. Choosing “family” is so precious. These two ladies share adopted hearts. I thought they were mother and daughter with our very first meeting, only to learn that Brenda took Brantly not just under her wing but into her heart.
 How sweet to hear Brantly call her “mom”. And how beautiful it was to feel Brenda accept the title. They hugged. Brenda watched for and cared for Brantly like she would her own. They shared “grandchildren “pictures off Brantly's phone. They shared life.

I don't have a mother or mother in law on earth anymore. I hope to see them one day and and give each one a soul to soul hug. Until then I crave the caress, touch, intimacy and care of someone that God can provide in my life.... to adopt me.

Being honest with my heart, I am not only praying for the empty women still here on earth, but I am also praying for myself, that God will place a special sister (“momma”) in all of our lives. Someone who can brush the hair out eyes, hug and be hugged., stay close to, pray with, cry on, laugh with, and be willing to adopted at heart”. I pray for the Nan's and Brenda's.

Heavenly circumstances may have taken my “moms” home... but I trust in Him to provide here again. I am grateful He gives His Holy Spirit to be here for me. I know that is greater than any other request I could make of Him. I don't even have to ask. He gives that Agape love freely.

Nan had given Jamie advice that I will carry with me daily. “When you can't Praise God for your circumstances, praise Him for who He is.”

Lamentations 3:24: The Lord is my portion, says the soul, Therefore I hope in Him.


  1. Beautiful post! I know both Jamie and Nan, and I can attest to their special relationship. God is so good to bring those special people into our lives to be God in flesh and bones. :-)

  2. Mary! What a sweet post. Thank you so much...I feel so honored. Jamie has filled my life with so much joy and love. She is an amazing young woman.

  3. Wow! What a touching story. Made me cry because I know the pain in this emptiness. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mama the second go round. God sent her to feel the void in my heart when I thought that black hole would exist forever. She holds my heart close, and we can have a conversation without saying a word. One touch or meeting of the eyes says it all. I never knew that kind of love was possible until I met her. It's a bond that completed my life. I pray that God will send that special someone to you to uplift, hold, and care for you. Someone to be your best friend just as He did for me. All of the money in the world could be offered to me, and it wouldn't be worth the feeling I have when I see her face or hold her hand. It truly is priceless! I'm so glad to have met you and look forward to seeing you again. Prayers are going up for you! Until then I'm here......

  4. Maybe, when we loose our "Moms" it is because it is our turn become a "Mom" to someone else who needs one. Maybe loving, caring, and sharing is just as fulfilling only in a new way. IDK,maybe