Friday, January 3, 2014

Thinking Outside the Box

I entered my home, gasped, took a close look at the mess, leaned against the wall and slid down collapsing to the floor. Where do I even start? There is just something that happens when company comes. Tornadoes. They happen. They bring in piles of dishes, sheets, towels, empty toilet paper rolls and tons of  unidentifiable things to clean out of the refrigerator. In this house..wear your shoes. Don't dare take them off at the door.

 Christmas came and left in a hurry. I didn't  let my heart get a real chance to bathe in the beauty of it all. I had unpacked several boxes of this and that to decorate with. The tree came later than usual. My yard got more decorated than I had anticipated. Christmas cookie parties and dinners were fun. But still, chaos contaminated the peace on earth good will toward men. Just when the radio quit playing jingle bells and Away in the Manger... along came New years. Ready  or not.

So now what? Wash clothes, clean out the refrigerator, mop these sticky floors, clean bathrooms (which need done desperately after having three boys here all week), dust, windex, find  that  "what is making that smell ?", and unclutter the counter tops. (Hey do I have counters? I don't remember. Hmmmm.?)

The tree. I need to take down the Christmas tree. After all the needles like the floor better than the branches. The dogs will  miss drinking the pine flavored water from the tree stand. 

I looked around the living room. Stockings need to be emptied the rest of the way out and put in the box along with the stuffed sheep my father in law gave me 35 years ago. I love that warped lopsided old sheep. The nativity sets, all 8 need to be placed carefully in their storage box.

The Nativity. Baby Jesus was taken out of the boxes and plopped on top of the piano.That is about how it went. No wonder Christmas didn't have the same spirit about it this year. I barely dusted Him off. And now it's time  to put Jesus away.

Put Him away? Is that how Christmas goes? Amongst the chaos and ripped apart wrapping paper, do we discard or store away Jesus? Thinking this way gave my heart shivers. Had I been cold about this season? And since when does Jesus need to be put away with all the red and green decorations and plastic red striped candy canes?

It is a New year. I think this year, I will keep at least Jesus out of the box. Yes.  Think outside the box. That will be my resolution.  The pastor asked us to think of what we want this New Year to be like. For me, I want Jesus to be displayed even more in my life.  No empty unkeepable promises. No diet, nor a cleaner house. The house will get messy again and I will definitely find myself eating something  I shouldn't or more of what I never needed in the first place.

 In the mornings when I wake up and at night when I go to bed the house will become a mess again. And sometimes, so will I. But, If I keep Jesus right there in front of me, I will find myself relying on Him to pull me through, dust me off, clean me up and let me shine..for Him.

Is Jesus just something to display on a mantel at your house during the Christmas season? Just what happens to Him when it's time to pack up the sparkles and glitter?  Does Peace on Earth Good Will Toward men continue to sing when you flip your calendar? 

 It's a new year.  I am praying for decisions and choices to think outside the box.  Where will you place Jesus this year?