Monday, April 16, 2012

Perfectly Surprised

I like to tell family stories. This one is precious.
Ten Years Ago...

Perfectly Surprised

     I held onto the letter in my sweaty shaking hands, refolded it and stuck it back in its envelope. I must have read that letter at least a hundred times over the weekend. I shoved the envelope deep in my purse and slung it over my shoulder.
     When we got to the Mexican restaurant, I hung my purse over the back of the chair as if it were in “time out”. The noise around me of people having a good time grew louder in my ears. My girls and a friend joined us around the big table. My husband was busy talking with my oldest daughter, Michelle, who was very excited about her senior trip to Germany as a foreign exchange student. Melissa, my sophomore, and her friend, Kiela, were excited talking about the softball game they just won. My youngest daughter, Denise, 12, was doing her best to engage me in a conversation about the motor cross she wanted to ride her dirt bike in.
          Only, I couldn't think of anything but what was in that envelope.
Plates were almost empty. Chips and cheese were disappearing fast. I knew this
would be a good time to remove that envelope.  
     “O.k. guys, It's my birthday but I have something for you.”
I reached back in my purse and removed the tri-fold paper from its safe hiding
place. Before passing it around I instructed everyone that each person would get
a chance to read this. And to not make any comments or talk about it until the last one reads it. Melissa read it and her eyes bulged. She said nothing but watched Keila”s face as she read.   
     “Oooooooh!” She squeeled and quickly placed her hand over her mouth as the letter got passed to Michelle. I had no idea that she would have the look of

disappointment. She tossed the note to my husband, Donnie, who gave it directly
to Denise. She grinned and held onto her daddy's hand.
     Just as the manager came around the corner with a candle in the middle of my
birthday cake, I was the one who yelled out,
      “Surprise !”

As the whole table got quiet I passed the note to the confused man, He read out
      “Mary Edwards is approximately 5 weeks 4 days pregnant."

And so set the beginning of a life change for all of us. The surprise gift from God.

It has been nine and a half years since I gave birth to my very sweet son. He remains a gift in our lives. A surprise of love, planned perfectly for my family. 

Ecclesiastes 11:5  Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in it's mother's womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God who does all things."

Thank You Lord for all you have given us. Your timing is  absolutely perfect.