Saturday, March 8, 2014

Social Media, Heaven or Hell Bound ?

I went to a child abuse chat on Twitter expecting to be an encourager as a survivor and was then lead to a private face book survivors group and found myself in social media hell. I don't mean to be disrespectful to the group but a bunch of people supporting negativity isn't my idea of being supportive at all. For me, it supported my nightmares and anger. Sadness poured and regrets boiled back inside of me. The people on that site refused to allow God to be near the pages. Satan had me drawn and it glued me there like a rat on a sticky glue trap waiting to die.

I was quickly condemned  for offering up prayers and hope. After listening to the groans of these damaged and angry victims,  I have to admit that I was questioning the validity of God being with me at times I needed Him most. I began to feel unwanted and worthless. Once again I felt disgusting. Oh, I was wanted there, at that sight. Satan wanted me there so I could begin to once again to see myself as low and filthy. His plan was succeeding and depression once again slathered me with worldly doubts This was never ever the intents of the founder of this page. But it certainly was the intent of Satan himself.

It began to sicken me to listen to all the negative people. They were reaching out but they wouldn't allow anything positive to grab hold to. They reached out to keep hold of oppression. I could not only see it but felt it. Conviction.

 The Holy Spirit took me by the hand and lead me in a different direction. I started my own private Facebook page for CHRISTIAN Survivors / Over comers of Child Sexual Abuse. There isn't much movement on that page, unlike the other where many  comments and cries scream out. This tells me something. When you rely on the Lord, Jesus Christ to comfort you, it is a secure bonding that doesn't fade quickly but instead rest sweetly in your heart and brings comfort rather that corruption.

I feel just as strongly against the abuses as I ever had. My convictions haven't changed. I hurt for the abused children. I wish innocence was never stolen and insecurities could be erased and mended. I believe that pedophiles still need punished, But that is God's job not mine. My job is to go to God, through His son, Jesus, to ask for strength to forgive. It's my privilege and most precious gift as a Christian to have the Holy Spirit to comfort me when I hurt in the memory.

I could have stayed amongst the low hopelessness of non believers who shut out hope. I could have vented by stomping my feet and gnashing my teeth. Do you think that would have gotten me any further on my journey of healing? 

By offering the hope of healing through the Love of Jesus, I fed others while the Holy Spirit filled me. How kind and compassionate is Papa God who takes His children into His loving arms and becomes a shelter, a refuge and a safe haven in a world full of self willed man made insecurity.

 We all have a choice to make. Live in Love or die in self ? Which would you rather share today?

Proverbs 24:14 NIV Know also that wisdom is like honey for you:
If you find it, there is a future hope for you,
and your hope will not be cut off.



  1. How brave you are for standing up, looking squarely in the face of the enemy, & staring him down in the Name of JESUS!
    The wisdom, strength & tenacity from the Holy Spirit took over (in you) such a strong exhibition of the Power GOD has over the puny control the enemy(thinks he) has.

    WELL DONE faithful daughter--WELL DONE!

    1. Thank You Cyn. Was it easy? Not at all. Couldn't have done it without the Holy Spirit and the strength of God. You are a blessing. Love you.

  2. Wow. How inspiring! Not that you had to be subjected to that, but that you turned into a positive and started your own group. It may be small now, but it will soon be mighty! You are awesome and strong and so very beautiful in your heart and your words. Im so glad you shared this.

    1. Gina, it wasn.t to make me big or mighty but to share with others how big and mighty our God is. That is my desire. So many people are out there hurting. If they could just "touch the hem of His garment" so many changes could take place. Where would we be if someone didn't share His promises? Love you Bunches Cuz.

  3. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Mary. But ministry comes with struggles. Jesus promised us we'd have troubles in this life, and that trouble is multiplied by the evil one to those proclaiming the name of Christ.

    Fight the good fight, whatever that may be, and know that others will be changed because of your influence on their lives. Remember, God doesn't waste any scars.

    1. Vonda, It was worth going through this. It closed doors that needed to be closed but not without giving me a chance to speak a positive word or two first. I got to plant a seed and turn it over for God do the rest. Because of "walking away" a different door was opened. It's the one that shares of the sounds of God knocking on the door of wounded hearts.

      I will continue to fight. If it causes more battle scars,that will be ok. It shows where, through Jesus Christ, I found the strength to survive, just as others will and can.

      Thanks for stopping by. With much love--Mary