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SIGNS of Child Sexual Abuse ( Reposted per Request )

Reposting upon request.

SIGNS of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse includes a wide range of sexual behaviors that take place between a child and a person older than them. These behaviors are meant to arouse the older person in a sexual way. There is usually no thought given given to what effect the behavior may have on the child. Sadly, the abuser does not care about the reactions or choices of the child.

Child sexual abuse often involves body contact such as sexual kissing, touching, and oral, anal, or vaginal sex. However, not all sexual abuse involves body contact. Showing private parts ("flashing"), forcing children to watch pornography, verbal pressure for sex, and exploiting children as prostitutes or for pornography can be sexual abuse as well.

What are signs that a child has been sexually abused? Are there clear signs? The following may be some things that could alert you to this abuse but are not limited to all. Even one of these listed could be enough to do further investigation.

* Separation anxiety. All children will have some form of separation anxiety, but pay closer attention to severe temper tantrums toward a particular person. This is especially true for a toddler who is not able to speak yet.

*Avoids or tries to avoid being with you significant other

* the child is not happy as they once were: cries often, depressed

* regressive behavior : bed-wetting or soiling clothes

*extremely emotional for no apparent reason


*drop in grades, trouble in school

* Eating habits may change: unexpected weight gain or lose suddenly.

*complains of headaches, stomachaches or other pain but can find no medical reason for it

*Nightmares or fears of being alone in the dark

*Suddenly afraid to remove clothes at bath time or feels the need to go to bed fully clothed

*loses interested in hobbies or sports

*does not want to be hugged or kissed

*becomes rebellious and angry

*child becomes clingy and /or doesn't want you out of their sight

*shows inappropriate sexual behavior ( Does the child show certain sexual characteristics, language or actions that he or she shouldn't know? )

*Sudden lack of communication with you

*Stay to themselves more and see less of their friends

*unexplained accumulation of gifts or money

*self destructive behavior such as self mutilation , drug dependency, suicidal

*bruising or bleeding in the genital area

*bruising to breast buttocks, lower abdomen or thighs

It's important to recognize that sexual abuse doesn't always involve body contact. Exposing a child to sexual situations or material is sexually abusive, whether or not touching is involved.

It is frightening to know that sexual abuse usually occurs by someone the child knows and should be able to trust—most often close relatives.

Statistics show that one in every four girls and one in every six boys have been or will be sexually abused.

The earlier child abuse is caught, the better the chance of recovery and appropriate treatment for the child. Child abuse is not always obvious. By learning some of the common warning signs of child abuse and neglect, you can catch the problem as early as possible and get both the child and the abuser the help that they need.The earlier child abuse is caught, the better the chance of recovery and appropriate treatment for the child. Keep in mind that child abuse is not always obvious.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you with a heart felt cry that no parent or adult would have to research the previous information because of fear that their child may have been touched or exposed to any unacceptable behavior such as sexual child abuse. Praying for education, prevention and care for each child you created. I pray for parental and adult guidance with wisdom and discernment.

I am bringing to you the troubles I too have faced, knowing that You, Lord, will turn what Satan gave as evil back into good, I can give back in empathy in overcoming the pains through Your unconditional love. I am forever grateful for Your healing hand and compassion.

In Jesus Name, Amen


The trauma of abuse is never fully gone from a person's consciousness. Its filthy stain leaves its residue on the soul forever. However, like all bad experiences, it is possible to turn this experience into good by developing compassion and empathy for others who have been through this experience. Many people feel that bringing meaning to a traumatic experience is a path to healing. When I turn a negative experience into a tool that brings meaning into my life and others, I am taking the best kind of revenge on my abuser.

Abuse By Family Friend Poems / CC BY 3.0

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