Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mary Quite Contrary

Mary Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow? Do you have any idea how many times I have heard that saying ? Even this week someone asked me that same silly nursery ryhme question.

I attended our Women's Aglow meeting this past Tuesday. We soaked in the praise music and God placed a wonderful vision in my heart.

 Little Mary was in a beautiful green field and Jesus was with her. A handful of cute and precious flowers were picked. But  it wasn't in my hands, they were in the Lords. He handed those beautiful delicate flowers to me. Jesus gave me a bouquet of wildflowers. He handed them to me ! No thorns, no weeds, no briars not pesty insects. Perfect. And He gave them as a me.

You know what I did in that vision? I made a dandilion chain, one for His head and one for mine and
we danced. "La La La La". I cant recall the tune. I just know I sang and skipped and danced. It was music in my ears. I was chosen to dance with someone who loved ME.

God showed  healing of the little child in me. He asked me to play and find the joy again. He was leading the in the dance of dandelions. A waltz in the weeds.

Have you ever seen a part of you that got choked from the weeds of bad experiences?

Contrary feelings are born out of seeds  that are sown by  adverse situations. You are like a garden and only time will show what will grow from that was planted. If you aren't happy with what is growing, look to see what has been sown. Make sure your seeds are being planted by the right sower.

 Not only physical or sexual abuse can hurt but also words of hate and anger yield the fruits of bitterness that makes you contrary. Words that obstruct can hinder your growth. And only God can remove the seeds that bring unhappiness and harm to your spirit.

Are you ready to dance in the waltz of the weeds?  Learn the right words to the music. Sow the Word of God and you will reap the rewards promised. Let Jesus bring you His bouquet. Ask Him to help  remove the weeds and grow the healthy seeds that are planted.

Are you tending your Spiritual garden or do you have some "weeds" (tares - poison - sin) still growing in your garden (heart)? We have to decide that which we will allow to grow in our lives. Let God do the gardening. He can remove the weeds of discouragement, whether we planted them  ourselves or others unfaily planted us in.  Let us be sure to only cultivate the seeds of righteousness.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? It grows through Him,the Master Gardner.

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