Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The LORD dealt with me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands he rewarded me. (Psalm 18:20)

Something written long ago came to my mind. I love when God does that. Wakes you up with a nudge  and whisper saying "Hey, remember this?"

 The Colored Ladder

I saw a ladder, each rung of a different color...to represent the symbol of sin. I was at the beginning of the ladder which lead to God. He watched me closely from the top.

For each trial that I am overcoming there is a colored rung. The entire ladder was colored. And for each one I conquered..that rung became white. Holy. Just as God wants our walk (or climb) to be.

Some of the rungs are set farther apart from each other...meaning harder to deal with..but obtainable. Some..I might slip off of...but can get back up on. God watches those hard times and when we know we can't do it on our own. He is reaching down...waiting for us to reach up to Him. He forces us to do nothing...but waits for us call on Him.
In this vision I have made it up only three steps...and there is another dozen to go. But I am climbing it. And I will make it. And even if its not until I make it to heaven..I am climbing one step at a time. I dont want to look down. My goal is to reach the top. Pure. Holy in His forgiveness.

I think about when I wrote this, how God was really working diligently, boosting me, pulling me up because I had no strength and hardly any will power to climb the rungs. But with what I had left in me, I would ask for the Lord to help me. I certainly had no power to step up on any of the steps alone. So, He pulled and brought me closer to Him. I know that no matter how many times I slid down that ladder, God will be waiting for me at the bottom to catch me and at the top to help me up.

I have shared with a friend that my hands have begun to slip again  And I need prayer to bring my grip tighter.

I listen to shared heartfelt stories of ladder climbers. We pray together. Through the Holy Spirit we lift and get lifted. But ouch, does it hurt when we fall back down. And it brings aching to our hearts to have to work our way back. The climb is worth the labor, effort and battle to make it back up again. Again we will pray, and as we cry, and praise, through the perseverance, God will hear. He will rescue.

God delights in you. He loves to delight in you, to bear you up, to cherish you, to hold you, to correct you in love and to help you when you fall.
When you cry out to Him, He rescues. My prayer today is that we are reminded of God's Love that wraps around us and that He delights in us. Rejoice, for in whatever you face, you will reach Him in the climb.



  1. Oh Mary!! This is powerful. Thank you for not being afraid to share your struggles. Think of David throughout the Psalms. His transparency is why the Psalms are so beloved today. I absolutely loved this. I'm so proud of my Doodle.

    PS..."Love Lifted Me" was my daddy's favorite hymn. It gave me a moment with him. Thank you.

    1. The ladder... the one I am climbing.. I just pictured myself with the rungs very very far apart. I have one arm stretched out, aching to hold myself up to it. The other hand is on the rung at my waist. My feet are slipping. I am hurting. I am looking up at God's brightness. I can see the grips of my hand, white knuckled..holding on with all I have..at the top... but at the same exact time...something thing is happening to my lower hand..I wont let go. I am having the hardest time, shaking... "Why can't I let go Lord, Why Can't I let go? I can't do it God. And he answered... "trust me. Do you trust me? Let go. Let go of all that is keeping you from me. Every bit...let go." I look up to my raised hand and I look down again, seeing the things below me. It is such a hard fight. I try to let my fingers loose of the lower rung and eventually...eventually I let go. Only this time when I go to reach the other upper rung, I cant reach it. It seems so much further than what it was. Distance grew and grew. I again tremble with my arm reaching as far us as I can get it. "Help me. ", I whispered. "Help me Papa God". Tears were rolling down my cheek when I visioned this...especially when I let go of both hands in His tender grip. He said, Don't look down. Stop looking back. Let me help you with the blinders of my love and grace. Your Papa has you.

    2. Thank you Mary!! May I print this out?

    3. Yes you can Darva.. But no publication submission or I'll come over/up there and getcha !!!! LOL. May it be a blessing to you.