Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When I Call You Mine


Parents looked into their new baby's eyes for the very first time, smelled the skin of  the tiny newborn, counted each finger and toe and knew for the first time..."This is mine"

"It's up to me  to protect you, to make you feel secure, to feed you, to hold you when you cry." The baby doesn't know yet that he trusts you, depends on you but most of all he loves you. Their instinct tells them, " they are mine" And that bond grows through the years, even through difficult days, skinned knees, first loves, and first break ups.

 Parents learn to depend on their child too for reassurance that just maybe they did something right. Children  need to hear praise,too, for the task they attempted and succeeded in. They have so much in common, the ones we call " Mine"

Then comes a day when that all grown up child finds some one else to call "Mine'. But now its more like ..."Mine..all Mine'.  One day they will decide to take what was "theirs" to have and to hold from this day forward. He will protect her with shelter and she will make sure he is fed. They can not imagine a love greater than this. Until they, too have the awesome pleasure of looking into the eyes of the infant they will call "Mine ". And the cycle will begin again. Blessed. Loved. Treasured and "Mine" 

May God bless you with the love...that once was "MINE" and share it with each other. I freely give it to you. I love you grown up child of mine.

I wrote that about 5 years ago for my daughter's wedding. Today I read it as a letter from God. Let's take a minute to paraphrase it as if God wrote it to you.

" My child, as I look into your eyes, count each finger and toe and smell the sweetness of your tender skin, I know you are Mine.
I will protect you, secure you and feed you. I will always be there for you when you smile and when you cry. You don't know it yet but as you grow you will find you can trust in me always.You can depend on this promise. You are mine and You can call me your Yours. We will bond and grow through all of your years even in the difficult days that will break your heart. Those days break mine too.

I know I can  depend on you for I already know that you will help me grow my kingdom. I will reassure you that this is pleasing to Me. I will reward you and accept you. You will grow in your relationship with me.  As you love to hear praises, so do I. We have this in common, little ones I call mine.

When I send the Groom to come and get you, you will find no greater love, My bride. You will be with me from that day forward. I will shelter you the My mansion I have prepared for you. You can not fathom such a Love. We will one day have the joy of looking into each others eyes. We will call each other Mine. Blessed and loved.

Until then I bless you with My unconditional love. Share it with each other. Its free for you to  keep and free to give away. I love you growing child of Mine.

Forever each others,
Your Father

The Spirit and the Bride


  1. This is beautiful Mary! I love how you made it a letter from God. What a blessing. Thank you dear friend.

  2. I had to share it Marcie. When I read it the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. Have to give that good stuff away. Blessings Marcie. I love you Bunches.

  3. In Community Bible Study yesterday we had the Lesson from Luke 16 about the shrewd manager. One of the questions was "What do you manage and who do you manage it for?" Many said we manage all the resources that God has given us. One said we manage the people that God places in our lives. One said we are managers of The Gospel. It occurred to me as I read your post that writers are the managers of the stories God gives us. Love this story and thanks for managing it well. Love you, Cathy

    1. That thought is awesome. Thank you Cathy. Love you. <3