Monday, October 22, 2012

Hidden Angels

     Every now and then someone says something that makes me think of a poem or something I  have
written. Today my friend posted in facebook about meeting angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people. Right away it brought back one of my first poems I wrote. It is nice to walk down memory lane.....
Hidden Angels

I got down on my tired knees
and cried out, "I need and angel please!"
I've lost mine in this crazy world.
It's mixed up in my life that's swirled.
It seems as though I left it behind,
tucked away hidden in this world of mine.
I got in my car and began to drive.
Often wondering why I was even alive.
I couldn't see the value of the day
and wished and hoped it would all go away.
There stood a woman aside of the road.
Exhausted, confused and seeming quite old.
Her car was still, Her tire was flat.
I didn't want to see any of that.
I was in my own thoughts but stopped anyway.
What was there to lose, helping her today?
Just one more obsticle for someone to bare.
She needed someone to show that they care.
I spared my last smile I had within.
Tears filled her eyes. She thanked me and grinned.
As we stood there I wondered ...if she needed more...
the angel that I had been searching for.
And as I walked grudgingly away,
I thought I heard her whisper to say
"Thank you Lord, for sending that angel my way."
Stopped in my tracks of where I was going
I knew in my heart that God was showing:
Angels do come in many unknown sizes,
Dressed up and hidden behind our own disguises !
Written by Mary Edwards



  1. Love this, Mary. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our "swirl" that we don't see God's angels around us. Blessings on the work of your hands! Love you!

  2. Love the poem. I love the way your poem swirls around that moment in time. Love ya!

  3. Nice! Words just flowed, didn't they? That's (for me) how I know it's truly from Him...when He is writing it and I am just His little pencil...Keep on keeping on Mary. <3 -cyn-

    And you changed it so I can comment! YAY!!