Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tea Party


The Tea

1967, and all of three years old, I got to attend the greatest tea party ever.
Mommy's guests were there in their finest dresses , smoking their long thin cigarettes, around the tables playing bridge. It was our day to have the ladies at our house. I was dolled up in my white dress with the bow tied perfectly in the back, black patten leather shoes and lacy white socks. I was a show piece look of innocence. I was there to be seen and not heard.

     Since I was the only child there, I was bored quickly. I was up and down the laps of
all ladies. Crawling under the table, under skirts and right on each of their nerves. My Aunt Nancy was the one who directed me in another direction.

Mary Lou”, she said. Why don”t you play with your tea set”.
I listened right away and went for the pretty little pink flowered porcelain tea set. Filled the pot and
the four tea cups and presented my gift to the ladies. Mom grinned an aggravated nervous grin and sent me on my way. This continued for a long time. I was restless again which brought me back to being the little climber of many frustrated ladies. Aunt Nancy once again tried to direct me to the tea set.

Mary Lou, please get me some more tea, I am thirsty.” Aunt Nancy said.
I cant”, I said
Mary Lou please, pretty please.”, She pleaded.
I cant.” I said again.
Why cant you Mary Lou ? ”, asked Aunt Nancy.
It's all gone.” I replied.
What do you mean it's all gone?” she asked.

Potty's empty."

Proverbs 17:22  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.....

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  1. How cute! Just as funny as it was the first time you told it to me. Blessings on you, dear Friend.